13 Causes of Constipation

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Constipation is a common health issue that affects people of all ages. For many, constipation represents a short-term reversible condition, while for others it is […]

11 Causes of Leg Cramps

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Leg cramps represent an involuntary contraction of leg muscles that are usually harmless. Cramps occur most frequently at night and may last from a couple […]

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11 Symptoms of Dehydration

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Dehydration simply means that you have lost more fluids than you take in. This is a common issue among all age groups, however children and […]

10 Flu Symptoms

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The flu is a respiratory viral infection caused by the Influenza virus. It has a seasonal character. Every year the influenza virus starts its world […]

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If you suspect you are pregnant you may experience a range of symptoms or, none at all. It is important to know that everyone is different and […]

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Experts define vertigo as a symptom and not a diagnosis or condition. However, it can be related to some symptoms like dizziness, nausea and even […]

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How to use carb cycling for fat loss

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From casual gym goers to pro athletes and nutritionists, everyone is praising the benefits of carb cycling. This dietary approach alternates between low- and high-carb […]

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Eat your way to healthier hair

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Once you’ve passed your teens then unfortunately your hair has passed it’s peak in terms of health. Now you need to ensure you’re doing everything […]