The 10 best sugar free snacks to eat

The 10 Best Sugar Free Snacks To Eat

When it comes to dieting down, the most obvious problem that arises is hunger. Since we tend to eat smaller meals throughout the day, we never really fill ourselves up completely. There always seems to be room for snacking between meals. 

These in-between meals snacks are usually fruit or processed foods. They consist of sugars or unhealthy ingredients which promote weight gain, thus blocking our progress towards a ripped physique.

If you’re an avid snacker, and simply can’t keep your hands in your pocket, we need to focus on the quality of the snacks. In other words, we need to find sugar free snacks that are tasty, contain little calories, but will also keep you full between your major meals. So here are the 10 best sugar free snacks for doing just that…

1. Popcorn

Popcorn is cheapest low calorie snack you can get. Besides containing almost zero sugar, it’s also fat free. The popcorn that is usually made at the movie theaters is full of salt, which is something you’ll want to avoid if you’re making it at home.

High amount of salt will cause water retention. Of course, you could add butter or some other topping to make the snack tastier, but if you opt for just the regular popcorn, it’s the best low calorie snack out there. Also, it will turn you into a movie freak.

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