5 easiest exercises to get fit quick

There is a huge variety of exercises that can help you get fit and build an awesome physique. But in this article I want to give you the 5 easiest exercises to perform to produce fast results. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an advanced trainee, performing these 5 is a time well spent.


Push ups are another old school exercise that provides great results. Push ups engage the chest, shoulders and ab muscles, providing an excellent upper body workout. The best thing about push ups is that you can modify them in various ways, depending on your level of strength and energy. A declining push up is a modification where the feet are placed on an object so that your upper body is in a declined position. This ensures more upper chest growth. Another way to do push ups is by putting your hands on an object so that you’re in an incline position. This way your lower chest will do most of the work. Or you can simply do the regular push up which engages all the muscles equally. Once you’ve mastered bodyweight push ups, you can make the exercise more difficult by placing a barbell plate on your back, or by carrying a back pack while performing the movement.


This exercise can be performed with a barbell, dumbbell or any heavy object you have at hand. Sometimes when I’m training outside, I will use actual stones that weigh 10-20 pounds and lift them. Whichever object you decide to lift in this fashion is irrelevant, as long as the shoulders are doing the work and your core muscles are kept tight. This is one of the most basic strength training movements that a human can perform and it requires no additional preparation or knowledge. Use as much weight as you feel comfortable and try to do a few sets in the 10-12 rep range for best results.


Squats are the staple exercise of any exercise routine. They are relatively easy to do, and it’s easy to adjust the difficulty as well. Doing bodyweight squats is excellent for beginners, and moving gradually to doing squats with weight will facilitate further growth. Although squats are considered a leg exercise, they are much more than that. When this movement is performed, the whole muscular system is engaged, from the calves all the way up to the shoulders. It’s especially effective at engaging the abs and strengthening the core. Squats also engage the cardiovascular system and burn a lot of calories, so if you’re looking to lose fat, performing squats few times a week is the simplest way to do it.

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Rowing is a great exercise because it’s an all-in-one action pack. This is a type of movement that can be classified as a cardio, strength and body building exercise in one swift motion. Of course, in order to row you actually need to have the rowing machine or a rowing boat. However, most gyms nowadays have the rowing machine, so if you can get a hold of it, make sure to use it. Performing 10-20 minutes of rowing regularly has the ability to create a chiseled physique through engaging the whole muscular system. It’s especially good for the lat muscle and gaining that V-shape physique most of us strive for.


Plank is a movement… my mistake. Plank is actually an isometric exercise, which means that it doesn’t require movement or repetitions, you just stay in one position for a prolonged period of time (usually 30-60 sec). While in this position, your abs are actually keeping your body firmly in place. This is a great exercise for creating strong and firm ab muscles, especially for beginners. It’s also a good way to end a workout, by doing 2-3 sets and holding the position for as long as you can.


All of these exercises can be done a few times a week or daily, depending on how much time and energy you have in store. They are simple, and all except for rowing, can be performed anywhere you like. I hope you will implement them in your regular workouts and that they’ll be helpful in producing awesome physique changing results.

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