11 Causes of Leg Cramps

5. Significant Increase in Exercise Intensity

If you decide to push beyond the limits and increase the intensity of your exercise, you should expect leg cramps during the resting phase of your training. This happens as your nerves and muscles are not used to the increased intensity of the exercise.  Therefore, nerves and muscles need a longer period to relax and recover.

During the recovery period, due to over-excitation the nerves trigger more impulses than needed which leads to leg cramps.  Stretching before and after exercising will help to prevent this.

6. Fatigue

Chronic fatigue brings up a lot of general health issues.  If you are constantly tired, that means that your muscles are also tense and unable to relax.  If you are unable to relax, it’s possible that your dietary plan isn’t balanced and you may forget to hydrate properly, causing your muscles to be in bad shape.

An interesting fact is that tired muscles are not synchronized by taking nutrients. Tired muscles lose more nutrients which causes improper muscle function. Muscle cramps during the night are the sign of tired muscles.  It is thought that muscle cramps affect half of the adult population, especially athletes. If an athlete does not allow his/her muscles to rest and recover properly, night cramps are one of the signs that suggest the muscle is overloaded.

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