10 gonorrhoea symptoms in men

2. Painful & frequent urination

The most common symptom of gonorrhoeal infections in men is painful and frequent urination. This is due to the inflamed urethra that is resulted by the inoculation of gonococcal bacteria after sex.

Due to the irritation of the urethra caused by the actions of these infectious bacteria, there will be a frequent need to pass urine. When passing urine, many men complain that they feel pain and a burning sensation. While most people think these symptoms are due to a urinary infection, it is important to know that STDs in men can have similar manifestations.

3. Burning sensation & itching around the opening of the penis

Burning sensation during gonorrhoea is a very common symptom. It is one of the early symptoms and is accompanied by an inflamed urethral orifice. There will also be swelling of the foreskin and the head of the penis.

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