10 gonorrhoea symptoms in men

Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that is caused by the bacterial pathogen known as Neisseria ghonorrhoeae or gonococcus. The majority of males who suffer from gonorrhoea are in the age range of 15-30 years.

Although many men do not show any symptoms for a long time period, those who show early symptoms, show them within the first 2-10 days of infection.

Usually, in men, these bacteria get inoculated in the urethra after having sex with a partner who is already infected. In homosexual men, these bacteria can get inoculated in the rectum and rarely in the throat as well.

Antibiotics are the simple option for treating this infection and are not complex. Therefore, do not hesitate to get tested. Prevention is always better than cure and that is why using protection before having sex can always help protect from STIs, including gonorrhoea.

Usually, 50% of men will be asymptomatic, but the rest will show some of the following symptoms:

1. Urethral discharge

Urethral discharge in gonorrhoea is also called ‘the drip’ in slang. This is a foul smelling, pus discharge and will begin at the 2nd to 10th day of the infection. Usually, these discharges will not be seen during the daytime. This dripping is known as ‘good morning sign’.

This discharge will continue for about 3 weeks and when not treated, the bacteria can ascend along the urinary tract inflaming other surrounding organs such as prostate glands and epididymis.

An ascending gonococcal infection bears a high risk of developing infertility in men, so treatment should be sought immediately.

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