Eat your way to healthier hair

eat your way to heathier hair

Once you’ve passed your teens then unfortunately your hair has passed it’s peak in terms of health. Now you need to ensure you’re doing everything you can to maintain it’s body and strength.

One way that has proven benefits is by eating the correct food, so here’s a list of some popular, tasty foods that you should add to your weekly shop.

Spinach is good for your hair, along with all aspects of your health, because it’s rich in Vitamin A and C, which helps to promote hair growth. Ensure it’s part of your weekly meals.

Yogurt is rich in protein which is essential nutrient to promote the growth of hair and nails. If your body lacks protein then your body will shift protein to aid your organs instead, leaving your hair and nails brittle, dull and unable to grow.

Any additional protein and your body naturally triggers more hair and nail growth. You will only notice effect more if you don’t have a protein rich diet.

Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein and vitamins B, B12 along with other vitamins and minerals, and is well known to promote hair growth. Salmon is a fatty fish that is also good for your skin, brain and blood vessels, so get your rod out at least once a week.

Oatmeal has multiple benefits for hair. Due to high levels of B Vitamins, it’s extremely moisturising and can help fix damaged hair. Your hair will be less brittle and have more elasticity.

Oatmeal also makes your hair feel silky smooth thanks for beta glucan, a polysaccharide or emollient. Your hair will also get extra shine, which gives you hair a healthy look.

Guava, apart from being a tasty fruit, also has vitamin rich leaves which can promote hair growth. The leaves are rich in vitamin B2 which is known to help repair cells and tissues around the body, including hair.

The majority of people eat eggs as it’s one of the most versatile foods on the planet. But did you know about their hair boosting qualities? Eggs contain biotin which aid healthy hair follicles and roots. Eggs are also rich in vitamins which increase oxygen in the blood and stimulate more blood flow to the scalp.


Lentils, once the staple diet of the hippy and hence weren’t associated with good hair. However, being rich in fiber, iron, protein, vitamin B, potassium, folic acid, magnesium and phosphorous, your hair will reap the benefits of this superfood.


Oysters are rich in zinc, which reduces the risk hair loss and dandruff, whilst stimulating hair growth. If oysters aren’t your thing, then other foods that are rich in zinc include spinach, beef, lamb, mushrooms, chickpeas, pork and chicken, cocoa and chocolate,nuts and pumpkin seeds.

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