10 causes of high blood pressure

8 No-cause

When high blood pressure has no apparent cause, it is medically called ‘essential hypertension’ or ‘primary hypertension’.

To diagnose hypertension, the doctor must discard all the possible secondary causes of hypertension first. According to experts, approximately 95% of all people with hypertension do not have a secondary cause, so they are diagnosed with primary or essential hypertension.

Essential hypertension is considered a heterogeneous condition because it is caused by many factors, including lifestyle, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking excess of alcohol, genetic, among others.

9 Inheritance

Some recent studies have shown that hypertension has a polygenic inheritance, which means that many genes must be inherited to develop the disease. However, in most cases, when a person is diagnosed with hypertension, they usually have many relatives that have suffered from hypertension too.

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