Simple yoga poses for kids. Help stop that tantrum!

Simple yoga poses for kids

Yoga is suitable for any child, but is especially beneficial for children who find it hard to sit still, are aggressive, anxious, fearful or have learning disorders. Yoga can be so much fun and can really help children to feel free, happy and motivated.

Although it’s an ancient discipline, it is now extremely popular for both adults and now more so with children. It helps to develop self-knowledge and to find physical and mental harmony. Not only that, if followed from an early age, it can become a valuable tool for the prevention and treatment of disorders, both physical and mental.

Nowadays, children are exposed to many distractions or events that may compromise their mental stability within the confines of the home, school or sporting environment. Younger children are indeed more prone to absorb the negative energy and anxieties present in our society.

More and more children are suffering from attention deficit syndrome, also known as “hyperactivity” and have similar traits such as inattention, restlessness and difficulty sitting still for more than a few minutes. Of course we realize that every child has the natural desire to learn quickly, which want to encourage.

But how can yoga help you to deal with a child’s tantrum or hyperactive behavior?

It seems impossible to control a child during those moments where they seem to be inconsolable and angry as hell. However, yoga can be the perfect tool to open up their mind and their emotions, helping them release all the stress and pressure in their lives, and basically calm down.

Many yoga poses are inspired by nature, whether animals, trees or other natural entities, and this pretext is able to add value to the child’s practice due to identification. This kind of approach will make yoga easy and fun to follow and you will see how this discipline can positively effect a child’s behavior.

The most important thing is that you need to help them focus on breathing during their movements. This can be suggested as another game to play along with.

Here are some descriptions and videos of the best yoga poses for children to help them feel loved, peaceful and happier.

Tree pose

Tree pose is one of the most effective and enjoyable. The child learns about balance, concentration and attention whilst picturing a beautiful and strong shrub. Just be like a tree.

Triangle pose

Triangle pose, also known as Trikonasana, resembles the shape of large pyramids. Assuming the position of the triangle, the child is able to stabilize the center of gravity of their body, feel the alignment between hip and shoulder, and make their legs stronger.

Downward facing dog

Downward facing dog is one of the most famous postures in yoga and recalls the position held by the dog when you stretch after just waking up. Thanks to this position, the child can stretch the back of the thighs and spine, and strengthen their arms.

The cobra pose

The cobra pose, also known as bhujangasana, is one of the most effective to open the chest and resolve any bad posture. It’s important to keep the neck straight and elbows slightly bent. Help them to breathe deeply and enjoy the pose.

Cat pose

Cat pose is another posture which mimics one of our most loved pets. The child has the opportunity to have fun imagining being a cat, whilst helping to relax their spine and control breathing.

With each inhalation they gently arch their back, and then whilst exhaling they look down toward the navel, dropping the neck.

Warrior pose

Warrior pose is one of the most common yoga poses. There are three different kind of warrior poses, but we suggest you practice ‘warrior 1’ which is the easiest for kids.

Some children are intrigued by warriors, so will be naturally interested in learning this pose. You can make it more fun by giving this pose some narrative.

From a high lunge position, make them turn their foot down and keep their arms up. After a few breaths, switch to the other side.

N.B. Remember to always look after children while doing yoga because some movements can be a little bit tricky. Never leave them alone while they’re trying to be a little cat or a warrior.

Live this experience with them and spend some quality time together.

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