11 Symptoms of Dehydration

9. Low Urine Output

Insufficient amount of fluids directly leads to less urine. Urine from a dehydrated person is darker, more concentrated and very low in volume. If you urinate less than three times a day, you might be dehydrated.

Concentrated urine means that the kidneys are not receiving enough fluids. Long-lasting concentrated urine can lead to lesion of the kidneys. To ensure your kidneys function properly, and prevent excessive kidney damage, it is important to hydrate yourself regularly.

10. Fever and Chills

Dehydration makes it hard for a body to maintain a constant and normal temperature, as the thermoregulation processes within the body cannot function properly. Spending a lot of time in the heat, without proper hydration may lead to the development of fever and chills.

Babies are especially prone to develop a fever if they get dehydrated. For the elderly, the thermoregulation mechanisms are already damaged by aging and makes them more susceptible to the development of fever when dehydrated.


symptoms of dehydration
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