11 Symptoms of Dehydration

5. Fainting

Severe dehydration may cause you to faint. If the brain doesn’t get enough water and electrolytes, it may lead to temporary brain dysfunction and a short loss of consciousness. If you faint due to the loss of fluid, this may suggest you are severely dehydrated.

6. Dry Mouth

Dehydration does not allow for a proper production of saliva. Low amounts of saliva will become sticky and dense which causes a dry mouth. Dry mouth is not quite benign. When your mouth is dry, you are more prone to infection and the risk of development of tooth decay and cavities is increased. Additionally, an overgrowth of bacteria due to the insufficient amounts of saliva can lead to bad breath. Therefore, if you hydrate yourself properly you will prevent dry mouth and all the complications that follow from the insufficient production of saliva.


symptoms of dehydration
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