12 Mononucleosis Symptoms


8 Rash

This symptom is one of the first to appear; however, it is transient and it disappears after a few days. This symptom is usually mild-moderate, so in some cases it is not detected by the patients and it has disappeared when the patient visits the doctor.

The rash caused by EBV doesn’t cause itching and can be very small. It is important to know that this symptom is not specific to mononucleosis, so it is always important to visit a doctor to determine the correct diagnosis.

9 Loss of appetite

The patient usually skips meals and doesn’t feel hungry. In fact, some patients can experience weight loss because they have this symptom for weeks or months.

Some experts define the presence of fatigue, muscle weakness and loss of appetite like anicteric hepatitis, because the patient has no jaundice. However, the presence of other symptoms makes them think of mononucleosis and not hepatitis.

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