10 Gastritis Symptoms

2. Nausea

It is a frequent symptom in people with chronic gastritis, but it is not constant. Some people say that they experience nausea when having a long period without eating, after eating or when eating certain types of food that can increase the inflammation of the mucosa lining the stomach.

It is important to know that, in other diseases, nausea usually disappears after vomiting. However, people with gastritis can experience nausea even after vomiting many times.

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3. Vomiting

Vomiting is less frequent than nausea and it usually occurs in people with moderate to severe cases of gastritis. In fact, vomiting usually only appears when the stomach mucosae are very inflamed.

The characteristics of the vomit are also important, it is frequently clear, yellow, green or with food remains, but when the stomach is very inflamed, it can turn bloody. This vomit can look like “coffee ground”.

When vomit has blood, it usually means that the patient has a gastritis complication or a severe episode, so must visit a doctor or emergency service as soon as possible.

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