9 Foods that can cause gout

9. Lifestyle

Again, lifestyle is not food, but it is connected in so many ways. Occasionally, moderate consumption of foods rich in purine is ok. Diet is just one of the tools you can use to fight off gout, but not the only one. With modern therapy options, lifestyle changes and physical activity, gout can be easily controlled.

Learn about gout-friendly food, and learn more about foods that are not so friendly. Once you know the good and bad, it will be a lot easier to juggle between the two.

A balanced diet means consuming amounts of purine in such low quantities that it won’t cause a flare-up. Being purine-free for a couple of weeks does not mean it’s safe to consume extreme amounts of purines in one day, on a wild purine binge party. Moderate consumption is more important than restriction.

Gout. Photo by Yanalya

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