9 Foods that can cause gout

3. Shellfish, fish, seafood

Gout attacks are almost entirely preventable with the right diet. Seafood is rich in purine but have different amounts. While tuna, anchovies, and herring should be avoided, shrimps, lobsters, eels, and crabs are a bit safer, assuming moderate intake. Keep in mind to avoid even the “safe seafood” during a gout attack.

4. Beer and other alcohol drinks

Drinking any amounts of alcohol can make gout worse, and can actually work against drugs used to treat gout.

Beer should be excluded entirely from the diet if you are suffering from gout, regardless of whether the disease is completely silent or you are in the middle of a flare-up. It increases the uric acid level, bringing its level in blood closer to crystallization concentration and interferes with the metabolic pathways that helps clear the substance.

Unlike beer, some low-alcoholic drinks are considered to be safer for gout patients but only in limited amounts.

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