13 Causes of Constipation

3. Hypothyroidism

The decrease function of a thyroid gland directly reduces metabolism and slows down the bowels. These are the two mechanisms that are responsible for the development of constipation in people suffering from a reduced amount of thyroid hormones in the circulation.

Chronic constipation, lasting for more than a month which does not respond to conventional management, should be  investigated by a healthcare professional to check for decrease in thyroid function.

4. Pain Meds

People that are on pain medications, especially narcotics are at an increased risk of developing constipation. Morphine and other narcotic painkillers were proven to reduce bowel movements. Those that experience severe pain, such as cancer patients usually take morphine based analgesics. To prevent constipation, taking a laxative concomitantly with narcotics will prevent infrequent bowel movements. Also, there is evidence that some drugs, such as aspirin and ibuprofen also may cause constipation if taken over a long period.

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