13 signs of underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism

5. Swelling and puffiness of face

Swelling and puffiness of face is also a major and common symptom of underactive thyroid and is also referred to as “myxedema”. Swelling caused by underactive thyroid is a typical and specific swelling caused by hypothyroidism and does not look watery.

Patients with underactive thyroid also feel stiffness and swelling in their hands or face when they wake up in the morning.

Very Severe swelling of the face can also results in swelling of the eyes and eyelids, thickened lips and enlargement of tongue. Mucous membranes can also become swollen and if your larynx becomes swollen your voice will become hoarse.

6. Constipation

Constipation is also one of the important and classical signs of hypothyroidism. Without adequate thyroid hormones, many of the body’s functions become slow.

Hypothyroidism also slows the action and motility of the digestive system causing constipation. Hypothyroidism also weakens the contraction of abdominal and intestinal muscles causing the stool to move too slowly and thus causing constipation.

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