10 symptoms of high blood pressure

4 Headache

The relation between high blood pressure and headaches is controversial. Some experts say that hypertension can cause a chronic headache that is more common in the mornings, which can go from mild to moderate intensity, and it can be oppressive. Usually, the patient refers to it as “something is pressing my head”.

However, a recent study published by the American Heart Association (AHA), says that people with hypertension are less prone to suffer from recurring headaches. This study also shows that a headache in a hypertensive person must be considered as an alarm sign because this symptom is related to a hypertensive crisis or malignant hypertension.

A hypertensive crisis is defined as the elevation of blood pressure over 180/110 mmHg (very high). This also increases the pressure inside the cranium and produces a headache that is different from other types of migraines or headaches the patient has had experienced before and it does not relieve with current painkillers. This is why the AHA experts recommend visiting a doctor immediately if a hypertensive patient has a severe headache.

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