10 Healthiest menu items from the most popular fast food restaurants

7. TACO BELL – Soft Tacos

TACO BELL – Soft Tacos

Soft Tacos are a staple Taco Bell item, and they’re one of the safest choices on the menu.

The beef soft taco and chicken soft taco are the obvious healthy choices, with the chicken version carrying less fat and overall calories. This also depends on whether you go for the regular or supreme version, as the supreme version is packed with lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and cheese, which add more calories to the mix.

8. MCDONALDS – Hamburger

MCDONALDS – The Mighty Hamburger


Yes, you read that right! You might think that hamburgers are the worst choice, because they’re the regular staple food of the brand which is considered responsible for the obesity of many. But you’d be wrong.

The more specialized and complex an item is, the smaller the chance is that the restaurant will care about it too much. Hamburgers on the other hand are the most important meal which made McDonalds what it is, therefore they try to retain a good quality to attract customers. So you’ll probably be surprised to hear that the McDonalds hamburger is a great sandwich choice, it’s pretty low in sodium, and has a decent amount of protein. Although it’s smaller than a Big Mac, it is still a good snack that will keep you full for at least a few hours.

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